Return to Me


Return to Me
We met at the auction block, 
I dressed in chains, you in your prime. 
Again we met when the snowdrop came to bloom
It was in the cotton fields you took my hands 
And my, twas a mighty bold crime you did commit
Your soft kiss was sweet and your love so dear
“My dearest Polly,” you wept,
“I must leave now, for I am off to set you free.
My dearest, always think of me, 
for I will always think of you.” 
And then you were gone, marching off to set us free. 
If I shall wait a thousand years, than a thousand and one to wait I shall. 
For I know someday you shall return to me and together we shall rest under the ancient Angel Oak
But if you should fall, weary soldier, remember me always
Forever and always, my darling boy… 
I am yours and you are mine
And nary should I forget you in all my long days.
Yes, quite a day that shall be, 
When at last you come home 
And return to me. 


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