I unlock and open my front door,

Throw my shirt and bra on the floor,

Replace my pants with pajama shorts,

Slip into one of my oversized t-shirts,

Cuddle up under my covers and sheets,

And pray to God I can sleep with peace.






Social media keeps me entertained.

Then I watch videos filled with vain.




My thoughts become more anxious.

My heart begins to ache more and more;

I feel the beatings within my core.


I shift within the pile of blankets.



Tears start to consume my face.

I feel my body tighten in place

To where I have no control-Let me be!

Something is suffocating every inch of me.

My mind goes blank; a bit of qualm.

No, not the kind where one is calm,

But instead, I am almost numb;

Hopeless, helpless to the outcome.


I feel trapped with no disprove

Frozen, and unable to move.

Tied to the bed by the shadows of the limbs

That watch the pain consume me with hymns,

And to which do absolutely nothing.

Nothing to save me from this weeping.

I am far from being okay.


They say that love conquers all,

But what happens when it lets you fall.



The alarm goes off for the day



I can't move.

To love, I can't prove.


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