Dear, does old things hurt you?
or your scars are already healed.
Do you still want to turn back the time,
or you're fine now?
Did your knight came,
or it just happened in movies?

Are you still in cold,
the reason why you couldn't smile?
Are you jealous of those people,
that's why you wanted to escape from reality?
or you're smilling now?
I hope you are.

Do you still remember that place?
You love that place so much,
you like how the air hugs you,
You're happy when you're there.
and it's a beautiful scenery.

Your emotions were lifted,
it is as if you own a magic.
But, it turns out to be so traggic,
Your world start to lose its direction.
You've felt defeated,
You started to have those bruises.

Pain, Anger, Sadness,
The ink starts to lose its colors.
Unfairness, Neglected,
It's chaotic.

You tried to smile again,
for the thought of winning.
But failed for the first time,
then you stumbled.

This where your silent cries started,
ang those voices that annoys your head.

"Do beauty only exist in the beginning?"
You asked yourself,
wanted to end everything.
The war has started,
You always think of dying.

You stopped believing in everything,
"Can I feel those magic again?"
It seems like you've given it all,
Is it the end of everything?
You're aren't going to surrender dear.

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