Resist The Fake Hollywood Mentality

It saddens me that we are living in a culture that has drifted far away from morality. Instead they have adopted a fake Hollywood mentality. That claims I am what I do. We have turned are backs on the very notion of truth & embraced lust. As though one is on a raft near the shore then the occupant decides to snooze. Next thing you know they are out to sea. We all need to turn back to good wholesome morality. There are no more good role models that represent are nations youth. Love should be the true rich essence of one's inner existence. There are lines being drawn in the sand. We cry out for justice yet one doesn't take the initiative themselves to put their faith in action. True faith isn't intellectualized it just is the substance of things unseen. There needs to be a voice with a deep crystalized message that is willing to turn the tide. There is something in the wind so I believe you need a real heart saturated with truth in order to stand the true test of time. If we can come together we can reclaim love once again by putting it in action.

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