The reprising role of Guns

She waved goodbyr to her mama and scurried skippingly to class. Her mother gave her a half smile and sped off to work, not saying goodbye she was already late. Not knowing this was the last she'd see of her duaghter. She laughs at her goofy coworker and recieves a call from a friend to turn on the news. Sje drops her steaming coffee on the floor and races to the school. A man walks over to her saying he's sorry but her daughter didn't make it out alive.  He had to tell a hpeful mother that a gunman shot her little girl without mercy.She drops to the floor gasping for air and once words manage to come out she scremas. The screams of a mother is will never feel the warmth of her childs hug, the gentle kiss of her kiss. But even worse she didn't get to say goodbye, she was too busy.  It haunted her in her sleep. Until she took her newly purchased gun and shot herself to see her baby again. The government claims they have the issue of guns under control. But do they?


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