Reporting Live From the Gutter

I am from where many do not wish to speak. 

I once too was meek then I realized that every obstacle made me, me. 

I didn't want anyone to know where I went when I went "home" 

How me and my sister shared one bed and my mom and brother shared theirs. 

All in one room, never no room. 

I was 16 years old with dreams of just being like everybody else. 

Coming home to a space that's theirs. 

Coming home to a family that shared, where everybody isn't only worried about theirs.

My little brother asked me why we couldn't have nice things and all I could reply was that I..

too wanted nice things and a home and to feel like I belonged

but God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soliders and one day it'll make us strong. 

One day you will have everything that they have and more.

You think a building is built at the top floor?

He would look at me and shake his head,

not feeling any more comforted

and I would sit in the bathroom and cry because all the things he wanted, I wanted.

I had to  be strong for him but I was breaking down everynight until one day, my tears were dried 

by a woman who told me everything was going to be alright.

She told me I was beautiful and she told me don't cry because everything I wanted I could get it..with a positive mind.  

She told me that she saw something in me that told her who I was. It told her that I was going to be somebody who isn't where she comes from. 

Rather someone that doesn't let her circumstances define her

but motivate her

and here I am 2 years later..

I am stronger than I've ever been and it's evident and sometimes threatening. 

I am confident that through education I can grow and show my brother and my sister that this is the road I chose. 

It wasn't easy and it only gets harder but the road less traveled is ussually the road that takes you farther. 

I am so thankful for everything I've been through,

the good and the bad

because of it I am able to smile genuinely knowing that,

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

I am smart.

I am worth it. 

I am from the gutter but you would never know it

by the way I carry myself and how every word I speak

sounds like fluid poetry.

I am meant to be great and I will if I believe. 

Keeping this dream strengthens me and I am going to be everything I set out to be. 

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My family
My community
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