A Repeat In Time

Clock is ticking,

Ticking, tricking

Night to day and day to night

Sun is rising,

I’m despising

Pain ahead, the same old fight


Footsteps clicking,

Children kicking

Stones along the rotting walk

Laughter pealing,

I am feeling

Eyes that follow, words that stalk

Leaves are falling,

Someone’s calling

Someone’s name: could it be mine?


Lies are spreading,

I am dreading

Empty smiles, the same old lines.

I am fading,


They can’t see me, they don’t know

I am ending

Breaking, blending,

Soon, so soon now, I will go.


Clock is ticking,

Ticking, tricking,

Night to day and day to night

Moon is rising,

No disguising,

Darkness brings a whole new light.

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My family
Our world
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