Reminisce'in in Solitude


Reminisce'in in the depths Of my solitude. "Why should be dying to live If I'm living to die" Looking to the clouds for Inspiration. That's where I want My burning soul to lie For my resurrection. Gotta survive on a pity life beside these Imitations. Inside and out of My soul, I'm burning like syphilis. Darkness just has a collapsing, Trying to survive So my soul banging So explicit Negativity from the cops My instincts told me To listen. Shall light overcome Darkness, socially I was eclispe'in. Psychologically, Everything vice versa So real thoughts were miss'in. Due to The misplaced revelations, Death to life Mentally through my eyes Just became a simulation. Trying to survive through Altercations, soon enough Darkside became my Occupation. Life always repo me, to take away, The satisfaction. Stress became An addiction Faith became fiction Still I'm having Memories of pain as Each of my cells burning From the friction. Is it because I have a concave mirror Description? I shed the Tears, and be on my way in the Solitude I'm Reminisce'in.

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This poem is posted on my account as well. I wrote this based on inner feelings due to the circumstances of the time. 

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