My background is grey,

Two glass eyes, reflecting brown.

My soul see’s colors--

Colors I dare not mention

Colors I wish to explore.


Peel off my skin, layer by layer.

And you shall notice.

There is no flesh, just fluid--

Fluid waiting to pour, splash, and flood.

Fluid that started as mud.


Now examine my organs, look at them float.

My lungs gasp for something different.

My heart thumps, waiting for a rush--

A rush that grows on the forbidden tree.

A rush only concealed by me.


Last is my brain, glaring down at earth.

It’s self-inflicted scars are beaming.

And for once, it releases a thought--

A thought that has fought to surface.

A thought that has given me purpose.


At last, my body is dissected.

And the colors are flowing a fluorescent rainbow.

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Our world
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