Relationship Status: In Love With Myself

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 13:22 -- Monai

Im not in a rush for something new

I still have some self loving to do

You see I'mnot in a rush to fall in love

Honestly that's exactly what I'm afraid of

I'm afraid of that smile that will make me glow

I'm afraid of those deep feelings that will grow

I'm afraid to have a real life fairy tale

The long hugs


and promises

After a while feelings go stale

While your happily floating on cloud nine

The boy you feel for changed his mind

The hugs are seperated with space and the kisses leave a bitter taste

It's the same pain all over again

You wonder how he could be ohkay while inside you're slowly dying

That dark cloud forms overhead again as the pain from the boy you thought loved you scars your entire body until you can reconize your own reflection

Im not in a rush to feel thosescars

I don't want to sink that deep into anyone , anytimes soon

I don't want to be the broken hearted girl 

living ina cold, cold world

just waiting for someone to love me



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