Rejoice in Paradise


Rest In Peace (RIP) is a term for the deceased that I will no longer use
Now I know at first the way this sounds may leave you confused
But If you knew Jesus then you truly have nothing to loose. 
Reality is, that corpse buried in the casket was never really you.
It was just a body to live in this world since we're all just passing through.
God gave us the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) to tell us how to live this life
If you followed His Word, after closing your eyes you open new ones to Light 
What I'm trying to say is we are only here for a season
Stay away from the Heathens and discover that He's the reason.
But let me wrap this up and tell you why I won't say Rest In Peace
You see, if your getting accepted into Heaven then standing is what you do at the least
Walking streets of gold, flying around your mansion, and praising the Holy of Holys is what you can expect, no seats
Now I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like "resting" in peace to me. - Bshack


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