Bask in the beauty of 
Your slightly missed dreams
Of your one-upped
Explanations of
Polarizing melodies 
You call 
The truth.
Rejoice in the harmonies
Of your silent screams
Let the words of your enemies 
Speak to you like 
The stories you loved to hear
When you couldn't sleep.
Let the biting remarks soak
Into your mind so deep
That you can't help but drip 
With insanity
Misguided calamity
Mull over those nights 
That you counted one more star than
The night before
Dig into your subconscious mind.
Dig until you hit that thought 
That makes you fear yourself.
Makes you wonder if there really
Is a possibility that you might
Be crazy.
Push until the walls come down.
Until the one who made you feel 
Less than one cent
Is ten million cents below that.
Push until you can't
feel your hands 
Until the blisters on your palms bust 
And bleed.
Until your wounds turn into 
Callouses as hard 
As you cried 
That one time when you forced 
Yourself to say
"I'm fine."
Scream until your tonsils burst.
Yell louder than the voices 
In your head.
Scream so loud that the sound waves refuse to bounce back.
Smile at your pain, and don't let up 
Until you can promise me it won't 
Ever rain again.
Grind your insecurities to dust,
And sprinkle them over the 
Graves of your soiled imperfections.
Crawl inside yourself
And pull out ever cell of
Living hell 
Rejoice. Push until the walls fall down.
Scream until the silence flees
And never dares to return.
Bask in the beauty of your 
Slightly missed dream. 
Because in the end you can't 
Change a thing if you don't try.
Because it 

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My community
Our world


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