you hear the wind breezing through the forest around you

and the crickets chirping almost mournfully in déja vu


finally you hear a horn screaming

and you just sit there peacefully

staring at the rocks around the railing

you see them shaking and trembling

yet you feel nothing


a shining, blinding light crosses your vision

it moves closer and closer




just like that

you take your last breathe

and your world at last flashes

before your eyes:


the time you finally came home from a long trip

how the familiar smell made you smile

and how the familiar look warmed up your heart

the time you complimented a complete stranger

how their eyes lit up and their face beamed so happily

your first hug in a long time

how you felt so safe and comforted

what about the time your parents smiled at you

so proudly and so grateful they had you as their child

your first kiss

how your world shot with endless colors

and adrenaline rushed through your body

as you felt how soft and sweet their lips were


all these memories floods your mind for the last time

an unexpected final conclusion intrudes your thoughts:


“it wasn’t worth it”


but it’s too late now…


This poem is about: 
Our world


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