A Reflection

A drop falls and shatters

on the surface of the lake

as I stare between the rippled waves

and ponder each mistake.


I peer down at the water;

it peers back up at me.

The mirror stirs up memories

of who I used to be.


I see a child laughing

among the berry grass.

I see her raking snaking trails

and leafy woodland paths.


She wades through narrow, pebbled creeks

and sleds down woodchip piles.

She slides the midnight window up

to smell the breeze a while.


Below my eyes, a leaf floats by

and leaves me daydreaming.

Like leaves, in life

we drift



but choices lie between.


The little girl from years ago

made choices of her own.

Her daily thoughts and actions

shaped her more than she had known.


Through pepper shakers,

rocks, & pennies,

she learned of honesty.

A windowseat and broken ice

sought out humility.


Soccer games and music notes

taught of weakness found in fear,

While words she said in passing breaths

had strength to hurt

or heal.


A few avoided glances

and an awkward conversation

made her place kindess over comfort

and trade pride for consideration.


This little girl I cannot reach -

I cannot press rewind;

But the memory of her every choice

Will always fill my mind.

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