Red Sneakers for Rapunzel


Cinderella's tower
United States

"Cinderella, Cinderella, let down your hair!"


This is the wrong story.

Cinderella began to allow her loose, yellow, locks

To fall from her window

to her visitor.


"Rapunzel, my love!

I've been waiting for you."

The long-haired princess shouted.

"Cinderella, I

Could not escape from the prince."


The prince chased

and chased

and chased



Even when she yelled,

"Prince Charming. 

I don't think of you

as anything more than

a friend!"


Cinderella and Rapunzel

Sat in Cinderella's tower,

eating cereal and sipping orange juice.


"I'm so happy

that you got away

from that prince."

Cinderella said,

handing Rapunzel a pair


of brand new, red sneakers.

And a ring,

To ask for her happily ever after.

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