Recovery of a Bullied Teen


United States
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I walk through the hall with my head hanged low
Trying to walk fast and not letting myself slow
I see you ahead and quicken my pace
Trying to avoid you soon becomes a race
But still you catch up and throw me against the ground
You make sure that I am unable to make a sound
You make fun of me and call me a freak
But it has only ever been friendship that I seek
If only there was a way to make you see
If only you could just listen to my plea
But one day I walk past with my head held high
You stop me and try to make me cry
Only now I am stronger and see past your lies
The pain that you have caused me shrivels and dies
I recover from your pathetic jabs and sneers
Your words will never again cost me my tears
Because I found that I am above your hurtful remarks
I have found I control my own future and set off to embark

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This is an amazing poem. I love it.


Thank you! :)

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