Before recovery,  when ED talked i listened. HE said i was lazy, i ran. HE said i was fat, i dieted. HE said i ate to much, i starved. HE told me to purge, i vomited. When ED was with me i cried. HE said i was worthless, fat, ugly, and unloveable. HE made me hate myslef. When ED controlled me i became less. i weighted less, and thought less of myslef.  i was nothing, a nobody without ED. Now, when ed talks I ignore him when ed tries to be with ME again I  keep him out. when ed tries to controll ME I stay strong. I do not let ed, MY eating disorder run MY life. I'M doing what I need to do for ME. recovery.

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I think poetry has the power to heal. 

I grew up with body image issues from time to time.

As a teenager, it was really hard to gain the self-confidence I needed.

I hope you look at yourself every day in the mirror

and speak positive words like, "I'm beautiful, I'm confident, I'm strong."

India Arie has a song titled: Beautiful Flower. I meditate on that

song sometimes. I hope you continue to

write honest, thoughtful, and expressive poetry. It is a very commendable

thing to overcome any type of  disorder. The only poetry tip I'd offer is,

capitalize the first word in every sentence and use proper punctuation.

I don't want the grammar issues to distract from your heartfelt poem.

Small grammar issues can cause the reader to lose focus on the meaning

behind our poetry. Capitalizing specific words to show emphasis makes sense

but, be cautious about how much you do it. The term "ED" is usually

capitalized though. I enjoyed your poem because of its

honesty. Keep Writing! You can make a difference by speaking up about

what you believe in! :) 

Check out India Arie's Beautiful Flower-

Let the song inspire you to write again. You are resilient. :)


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