The Rebirth of Venus

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 22:43 -- mariag

Alarm rings;

It’s time to wake up.

I view myself in the mirror.

Why can’t I look better?


My head is a war zone.

The thoughts pierce me.

I stumble;

I fall.


A ceasefire is agreed,

But not peace.

Another thought;

Another wound. 


My jeans fit tighter today;

I need to eat less.

My thighs are widening.

I look disgusting.

The trigger is pulled;

I fall.


Distorted vision of beauty.

I am told I am beautiful,

But my stretch marks tell me otherwise. 

I am not worthy.


I am love, and I am beauty.

Yet why do I fail to love myself?

Why am I not beautiful?


Another day; another battle.

Who will win? 

I don't like this picture

Look at my double-chin; look at my face.

I stumble. 


I keep going.

Keep pretending I’m fine.

A rain of bullets.

Just keep going. 


But I cannot go on.

My soul is aching,  

And I can’t take another blow.

I cry; I scream.



I am not a slave to these thoughts.

I refuse to be a prisoner of this war.

I raise the olive branch;

I remove the chains. 


I am love and beauty.

I am a goddess; I will not surrender.

A bullet is fired,

But I deflect it. 


A rebirth of self;

I arise from the depths of the sea.

I am the pearl, not the shell.

I let go; I am free.


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