You fucked me up


You saw me.

Saw my soul.

Clean and fresh

And perfectly ripe.

You set your sights

And pounced.

That split second where fear turned into bliss

It clouded my pain,

Clouded your pain.

You ripped your claws into my heart.

Slash, tore

I Swore I was ok,

Till I burst

The pressure was finally to much

Emotions pour out of me like a burst artery

You thrived on my pain.

On my suffering

When I am drained, you leave me.

Helpless and alone

Yet you let me live

Live for your own selfish desires

You leave so I can heal

All the while you prey on others.

Once I am healed

You return.

A reaper with his scythe

Ready to strike once more

You fucked me up

You are fucked up

A creature of habit,

With no sign of change

For once, I am speaking for me

You are a monster

A myth, Some kind of fucked up fairytale

Legends like you are fueled by those who give into them

I gave in

Yet I finally escaped your labrinth

I was yours to hold

Till your hold became a vice

Squeezing to kill.

Like a toxin

Polluting my waters

Ruining my future

Becoming who i’m not

A puppet

Losing who I am



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