A Real Teaching


Dr. King and Rosa Parks are a part of our history/ But that's not enough, alot of us are still left in mystery

We yearn to know, more and more bout how our people have grown/ But in school they think it's cool for only us to know....

Slavery in the physical terms/ But there is so much more about us to learn

Some say the American education system is a conspiracy/ To block young Black's futures by denying them their history

It has been declared by many and not just some/ That in order to know where you're going, you must know where you come from

If the purpose of public education is to provide information morally and mentally/ Then why doesn't the curriculum include much about African American History

Oh I forgot! They gave us February, the month with the shortest number of days/ Teachers touching on a few Black accomplishments n' telling the students to write essays

Now your started to get picture/ Our culture seems to be abandoned

And nowadays if you don't teach yourself/ Then your knowledge will be stranded

Because its perfectly acceptable for our teachers forget about the seeds African Americans have planted!

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