Rare Enough


If you don’t feel very happy,

or if you just feel sad at this moment,

I want you to go outside and stand there

for a very long while

and try to comprehend the fact

that you are rare enough to be

anything at all.

If you are stuck in the comfort

of taking that for granted,

you must sit down and recognize it.

No matter how terribly I may ruin my mind, myself, or others-

the world awakens every morning to let me forgive myself.

Everything fertilizes the grounds and sky

into this dream I can reflect upon and forever find myself within.

Even if I slip into the ground and never find my way out,

I know that the sky colors the haven above me.

This physical passing of emotions between the sky and yourself

will bring your heart a beam of light and loving kindness,

I promise you.

Acknowledge your sky, your moon,

your wind, your water,

your sun.

It was given to you and it is so beautiful

and this is all happening only once-

in this body of which you have so much to build off of.

Plant your feet into the ground of your earth and mine.

Coexist with this wonderful world

that had enough love inside of its atmosphere

to plant you within it and take care of you for this long.

You deserve each other.


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