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Let's say Rapunzel had clinical depression-- it's not far-fetched. Spending a lifetime in a tower with no one but your “Godmother” and your thoughts is sure to harm anyone’s mental health.


Let’s say Rapunzel had social anxiety, naturally, and looking out to see loads of people crowding the pebbled streets of the kingdom next door looked anything but appealing to her.


Let’s say Rapunzel was straight-up pissed when a strange man tricked her into letting her hair down and then proceeded to yank on her roots and enter her home uninvited.


Let’s say Rapunzel –who was of average build with a smattering of acne across her cheeks– wasn't so quick to decide that the unknown male was friendly and meant no harm.


Let’s say Rapunzel only laughed in his face (snorts and all) when the man asked her to be his wife because, um, they'd literally just met??


Let’s say when her Godmother came home that evening with a stack of books and treats for the two of them, Rapunzel requested that a ladder be built and her hair be cut short because her scalp was really not enjoying the daily torture.


Let’s say that when Godmother cut her hair, she styled it into a cute shoulder-length style with fringe bangs and Rapunzel absolutely loved it.


Who’s to say that Godmother didn't have a change of heart and finally told Rapunzel the truth about her birth parents, but our girl already had figured it out *years* ago, because she was smart and curious and loved her Godmother all the same?


What if when she was finally reunited with her family, ‘Zels realized that she had really bad allergies and honestly preferred to just go back to her tower and start a new book?


Let’s say Rapunzel was in charge of her own destiny… she wasn't naive, she wasn't quiet, and she sure as heck didn't live her whole life just waiting for a prince to come and save her. She was her own hero. And she liked that tower just fine.



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