Rainbow doubled

Fri, 06/11/2021 - 18:24 -- mrapook

Natural prism in the atmosphere
good fortune should come our way
just follow the leprechaun to the end
and find what they proclaim.

all the colors from an artists' palette
mother nature creates up high
she sets the sun to shine on down
through her rain to make it shine.

under the first bright canopy
there lives our material world
it gives to us a sight to see
as our wishes become unfurled.

the second arc, not quite as bright
touches the heavens from above
a spiritual realm that's beyond our sight
where eternity arrives and comes.

but a single rainbow, aptly named
tied to the earth at both ends
reaches across the sky bringing a man
from the heavens, to earth again.

we are all down here to see her creation
riding on the clouds of time
depending on the refractive spectrum
the transformation it beautifully defines.

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Our world
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