The Rain

Sat, 02/06/2021 - 06:56 -- Vilero

I am here, all wet

With the drops, falling from Above

I remember, when we first met

As you touched my skin, I fell in Love.


I began to wait for you,

Every day, on my way back home.

Days passed, looking up in the sky,

As I learned about Zeus of Rome.


Started worshiping him,

Asking for the Rain.

Got so desperate for you,

As I stopped traveling from Train.


Walking on the streets, on 6th of Feb

Nothing to do, it’s my day Again.

Lying on the grass, in a nearby park,

Closed my eyes, as it began to Rain.


People were running, afraid of getting wet,

I was just lying there, embracing your Touch.

You had my clothes Soaked in your tears,

I was happy, you were the reason for Which.


Now I am here,

with you in the park Alone,

Feeling the gazes of people,

As they are jealous of Me.


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