A Race in the Rain

Made me feel like 

I was being caught in the rain.

Slow scattered drops of water, 

Cool on a warm day, 

Sent Worry and Desire on a race. 

Should I run or watch what happens?


My glasses become a clear kaleidoscope. 

I can only see what I want.


Don’t collide with the parts you can’t see!

Walk slowly,

And Worry does the same. 


Desire flies away

To the clouds and the sun. 

When did I come to a full stop? 

Rough drops slide down my skin.

Every sense calls this a rush of pleasure, 


A decision. 


In the end I know 

Neither of them won. 

I did. 


You made me feel like 

I was being caught in the rain. 

Despite being drenched 

I was happy.  


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