Queen Rapunzel

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Rapunzel so beautiful,

So delicate,

So mystifying.

Her hair so long,

Long enough to create a wall-

Against all-

Who dare oppose.

She loved to wait upon her window sill,

For a Prince to arrive, For reasons not so...


One day,

At nine in the morning,

A red-haired man came,

Riding on his horse and searching.

"A Princess I need,

In order to be King.

I've been rejected by three,

But I will not stop like a weakling!"

Rapunzel heard the voice outside,

Excited it may be of royalty.


You that is down below!

Is this the presence of a prince-

That you bestow?"

The Prince hopped off his horse,

And replied:

"Of Course!

Do you think I'd lie?

Wait, you are Princess Rapunzel!

Hair so long,

And a beauty just as strong!"

Rapunzel snickered,

Then gave a reply much quicker:

"The Queen would not like that,

She will have you beheaded.

I recommend you go back,

I will promise to forget this."

The Prince unsheathed his sword,

For Rapunzel to adore:

"I am a Prince!

Are you not convinced?

I will return tomorrow,

With more proof to follow!

I bid you farewell,

My beloved Rapunzel!"

The Prince had gone,

And Rapunzel sang a song.



The next morning,

Same exact time,

Galloping was heard.

Rapunzel returned,

With ears of concern.

There again,

Was The Prince from before.

Rapunzel appeared,

Then jeered:

"Hello, So-called Prince!

To what do I owe,

Of this presence?"

The Prince sprung off his steed,

And got down on one knee.

"I present you this ring!

An oh so expensive thing.

A peasant could not afford this,

No one but a noble prince!"

Rapunzel cackled,

Not so much as close to baffled:

"My father was wealthy,

But not of royalty!

You could be a knight,

In which sorry-

I do not like men who fight!"

The Prince frowned,

Turning back around:

"I am a Prince!

How are you not convinced?

I will return tomorrow,

With more proof to follow!

I bid you farewell,

My beloved Rapunzel!"

The Prince had gone,

And Rapunzel sang her song.



The next morning,

Same time again,

Galloping was heard.

Rapunzel came by,

With a smile so sly.

The Prince kneeled down again,

Hoping to make this all end:

"Rapunzel my love,

Golden beauty from above,

I have brought you my proof;

Now enough of the goofs."

This time,

The Prince had a crown,

Silver and brown,

Round and profound.

It sparkled Rapunzel's eyes,


No longer seeing lies.

The Prince asked once more:


My Rapunzel,

Let down your hair,

From which I will climb up there!"

Rapunzel hesitated:

"But the Queen will be agitated!

And aggravated!

You will be beheaded! 

It isn't too late-

For your choice to be alternated!"

The Prince sated:

"I will wait!

I care nothing of her hate!"

Without further ado,

A cataract of gold hair,

Flowed down to share.

The Prince promptly climbed her hair,

Careful not to tear.

When he reached the room,

Rapunzel then said:

"You are doomed."

Golden locks constricted-

And twisted-

Around The Prince's-

Arms and legs,

While he was left to beg:


What are you doing?!"

Rapunzel retrieved a knife-

With one of her hair locks:

"I will now take your life,

For all of your mocks!

Dear Prince,

I am now convinced!

But you are a fool..."

She held the knife to The Prince's throat,

Blood on the blade to coat.

In a quick swipe,

She stole his life.

Velvet tainted her hair,

But she didn't care,

Her decision was fair,

As she went on:

"You are a fool-

A buffoon!

A buffoon,

For not knowing what I mean...:

am The Queen!"



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