Once Upon A Time...

There was a princess named Rapunzel

Born of a Black father and a White mother, Rapunzel was praised for her curly hair

Natural curls

Curls that were golden in the sun and light like the summer air

Little did any know that her hair allowed her to withstand the rough demands of the world

Rapunzel was a strong little girl

Even as a princess she was born into a world that could not understand


Double identity


Natural longevity

Subliminally hailed as a mistake when her 

Existence was heavenly

Understanding the nature of Rapunzel

And dreading the day she'd realize she was a queen

A nasty old witch let out a swift scream, and she stole the young child and ran alongside the stream

To a tall, old tower with mountains it lie between

Here little Rapunzel grew

Believing the lies she was fed by the witch

Your style is "ghetto"

Your existence is a glitch

In the natural order


It shouldn't be this way

Your father and mother were fools to create


She watched as others unlike her were praised

She wondered


And decided to make herself a lie

Straighten your hair

Aim to be light

Maybe just maybe, then you'll look alright

The witch was pleased

Her plan was working

Cultural dances twisted and 

Painted as twerking

Everything Rapunzel was 

Was painted as wrong

Until eventually the young princess began to look through the fog

She saw her natural way

Twisted for those who were different

When they did it

They were "cool" and society was with it

Rapunzel began to think herself as she should

A princess-

No, a queen 

And she started to feel good

With all this self love

She began to rebel

No more straightened hair

From her head those curls fell

They grew and they grew

Until they could not be contained

She took care of her hair

And out the window it hanged

One night Rapunzel decided to leave

When the witch went out

She was granted reprieve

Those curls she once hated

Turned out to be a gift

She tossed them down the tower

And her body weight it could lift

No longer weighed down by the ills of social construction

Her body felt light

Her mind was at ease

Her heart was real light

The witch came back to find her fettered princess gone

But even she knew Rapunzel was strong

Rapunzel now knew what she could be called


Who was loved

A who'd clearly go far


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