A Promise

Dear grandmother,



I will never get tired of loving

Every petal and thorn of

Your worn out body.

A fresh scent turns old and dusty like the wrinkles

Of your roped hands.

But I will never get tired of loving each side of your hand

One smooth and lined with intricate lace,

The other roped with red braids

The only path to your timeless heart.

I will never get tired of loving you.

And although you forget, I won’t lose my patience.

You’ll remember.

And if you forget, I’ll forgive.

And although your light has dimmed,

Your body is still as warm as the very first day

We loved unconditionally.

As comforting as the day you cradled me.

On that rainy Tuesday night.

I promise.

I will never, ever get tired of loving every inch of your wilting body.


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My family
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