The Printed Power

I opened the paper and what did I see,

A little stick figure looking back at me.


He made me laugh,

He made me smile,

He made me stop and think awhile.


I thought of my friends,

I thought of my enemies,

Though in this case they were drawn like anemones.


Then I sat back and thought of how this could be,

Four little squares having such meaning to me.


But the content inside and the art that it shows,

Sparks more emotion in me than da Vinci or Van Gogh.


It isn’t the time or cost put in,

It is the meaning put into a small fish’s fin


It’s like the artist who drew this knew how I felt,

And made all the problems seem to just melt.


After pondering this, I set the news down,

And walked well away, far from a frown.


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