Princess on the run

Every now and again I pretend

That I am a princess on the run

My enemies are out there searching

Everywhere under the sun


My true home was glorious

High walls and open gates

It seemed for the longest time

That it was a world where nobody hates


One day a dreamy prince came

And he swept me off my feet

The way he always made me feel

Was impossible to beat


Until one day they came down

Raining from the mountains all around

With determined and angry faces

And large feet pounding at the ground


There at the front he stood

The man who took my breath away

Nothing anybody ever said

Could have prepared me for that day


The betrayal cut so deep

But I knew I couldn't stay

So I left my shattered heart on the floor

And was forced to run away


Now I live in a new land

The likes of which I'd never seen

All because I hadn't thought

To never trust how something may seem...

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