Price Paid for Freedom

Wed, 03/06/2013 - 00:08 -- EverSo

The tree grew sideways
A bush fluffed out
emerald green and rich brown
Flowers stemmed beneath them
and grass grew unrestrained.
Rich fragrance and vibrant nature
should have filled his senses.
A butterfly flew
life flowing on.

He lay
life flowing out
crimson soaking the earth
his final bed
deep dark red.
Greens and browns
blend and blur
colors of growth fade.
Vision dims as eyes
scarred by such sights
slowly close.
Only natural mercy
shutting down the senses
cuts off the scent of death
and the last depths
of pain too great to feel.

Instead cold and darkness creep
through his body
across sight and mind.
Fire once blazed
in his eyes from his heart
that once led him to fight
with such courage
against such odds
for such great cause
Only ashes remain
of his powerful passion
that led him and others
to change the world.

Close followers made of the same stuff
lay around him.
They too paid the ultimate
and final price for freedom.


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