Cloudy blue stretches itself with grey yellow beams

the faint moon in observation as it seems

salty fragrance by captured firmament

ocean of Prana in living breath of decadent

realms of light by conscious vision

timeless dreams condition

keeper of wishing surreal

affirmation towards joyous appeal

scoping from the holy nectar in advance

penetrating the subtle immune by dance

unchangeable seasons in eternal bound

testament of loving virtue found

significant in identification

precious model of relation

 existence all beyond

invisible correspond

frequencies in tune

entities of soul in body to prune

particles of the divine all

personality so small

chained by fears of needs

accumulations of poor deeds

dharma prana karma

happenstance by reasons drama

melodies by heart solution

celestial light conclusion

blessings of evolution






This poem is about: 
Our world


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