The worst powerlessness is when 

you watch someone you love fade from your fingertips 

At first is just a few less conversations 

Than no communication for a month 

Months begin to pass by with nothing 

At the beginning it feels fine

but after awhile it hurts 

You miss them

So you try to talk 

It hits you like a fist 

When the conversation doesent flow

It's the bad kind of awkward, like a gone wrong blind date 

No matter how hard you try

Nothing works 

its 100%  to 0%

So you give up and watch from afar

On social media

you watch as she changes

Bestfriend to stranger

Then another punch to the face

When you see your replacement 

Her new best friend 

The lasting sting 

is the thought 

"I dont have to worry about her leaving me anymore" 

Or so I thought. 


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