The Power of One


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“We shall overcome,” he said. His eyes held strength as he gripped the podium.
And spoke to the crowds of mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers and sons.
“We shall overcome” they sang. How many listened and believed? How many pressed on?
Enough to raise a protest that rocked a nation, enough to be heard.
What about now? Have they regressed to just…words?
Women earn less because of their gender, is love not love? Are homosexuals sinners?
Civil rights are what we fight for, that protect us from the cruelty of others.
Because others’ words lead to violence and death and murders.
Religious groups target the ‘unholy,’ genocide tears Africa apart.
But where does it come from, where does it start?
Power and control, hatred and abuse, from narcissism spurred by an apathetic “What’s the use…?”
It is not truly “overcoming” to live this way, to preach love but speak hate,
To encourage war, maybe not with guns but words like snakes.
The venom has made us immune to the struggle, but I believe that we can rise above it.
“You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one..”
We shall overcome as long as we realize that WE are ONE.
One people united in humanity, we’re less than perfect and affected by more than what we have to be.
It shouldn’t take the death of an icon to spur us on, or the letters of a man in protest to show us it’s wrong,
Humans are inherently good from the start, the power of one can stir their hearts…
“We shall overcome,” he said.
Everyone cheered, ran from their fears towards a better tomorrow. Because of one man’s courage.
Why not yours?

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