A Power

Sat, 05/30/2015 - 16:28 -- k8carr

A Power pulls

From know sources,

Holding my nurturing

For years and years.


It now reveals a

True emotion,

Unseen by youth,

And held by fears.


The past and present

Bind the Listener

With struggling tears,

Or their angry absence.


Old observations

Through smugded lenses

Must bend beneath Honesty

Bowing to humanity's weakness.


Yet what of the second force,

Perchance it is no longer valid,

Lowered to a stranger's rank

Can it yet retain its power.


'Twould seem so as eyes look up

Glory's shroud not as dim

As thought when visions and paths parted,

Blown by the forces own strong wind.


So now two forces recognized

Juxtaposed in the young mind,

Working for an ear to hear,

Rising dins of hope or fear.


For how else would humanity work,

But through a blinded being's tools

Hope, to dream, fantasize,

Fear, to restrain, grasp, hold.


And so the youngling understands,

But cannot be left standing straight,

As forces strive to blow away

The other with their heightened strength.


But to sway, naivety contemplates,

Would surely picture weak, young,

Then how to find these mortal winds


The kneaded rising dough decided,

To open up the narrow way,

Stepping forward strong and right,

A new path is the chosen gate.


Remembering fueding forces,

Finding a new side to choose,

Facing a different life ahead,

A different adventure, bright and true.

If a favorite you haven't got.

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