Potato Soup and Turkey Sandwiches

Sometimes happiness isn’t New York City.

Maybe happiness is potato soup and turkey sandwiches.

Maybe it’s early fall drives where the wind blowing through the car windows is just chilly enough to make you shiver.

Maybe it’s spontaneous coffee runs and friends who come over on school nights for dinner.


Sometimes happiness isn’t winning the lottery.

Maybe it’s seeing your sister swing on a tree swing and knowing that maybe she’ll feel better on there.

Maybe it’s wishing the wind would blow away her problems and believing for a second it does.

Maybe it’s laughing at dinner over something stupid and hearing your mom say she needed that after her hard day.


Sometimes happiness isn’t getting everything you ever wanted.

Maybe happiness is the moments you take for granted as normal, but look back on when you are living your dreams as the times you wish you could get back.


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