The Popular Game

                                                                       Let me tell you about the popular game.

We have all been entered into a game, called society.

Society plays this game that tells girls to have thin bodies, perfect teeth, and tan skin. It tells us we need to cover our hideous faces with makeup, so that nobody can see our actual faces, the ones we really should be showing off.

We are all afraid to find out who we really are because maybe, just maybe, who we really are isn't what society wants.

It's all an illusion of who we need to be. You look at a magazine and you better pray that you can change yourself just so you can be on the front page of that piece of paper. But let me tell you, those magazines are the boring standards that everyone is trying to be, and it's all in our heads.

But forbid us that we can't be another faceless person shifting through the world.

Why are we afraid of living fearlessly?

Why is society constantly describing people with adjectives and stereotypes.

Not everyone is a criminal, or from the hood. Not everyone is racist, or hateful.

This world is full of people who are misunderstood. We all want the same thing from others. But then, yet again, we treat others unhuman like, instead we turn the lonely into anger, and the anger into hate.

We do things that we don't even enjoy, like swing dancing or smiling. Why are we doing things that don't even please us, just so we can please others? And why are we taught to apologize to people when we are caught being different from them.

And then we keep blaming society, but in all reality we are society. We keep trying to play the popular game, but we are actually making the rules to the popular game.


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