Poetic, Lyrical being of life


Poetic days

Lyricas dreams

Emotional nights

and Sensational dreams

Elements of life

Events to me

So poetically dedicated 

and proud to be 

Luxurious thoughts

beautiful scenes

I'm so emotionally lyrical

at any cost, by any means

Sensational mornings

graceful faces

So elegantly special

I'm unique in all places

Poetically gifted

Sincerely devoted

my rhymes flow naturally

as if I'm lyrically coated

The beats

the rhymes

 the image

the flow

please try to keep up with my tempo 'cause it isn't slow

The lyrics created me 

not the other way around

they fill my mind with images

beats, thoughts, and sounds

My poems help me epress

the true inner being of mine

seeing is believing 

I'm truly Poetically DIVINE






MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

let your voice be heard


Thanks for the advice 

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