A Poem of the Novels

Like Charles Dickens i have great expectations for you.

you are like a novel i seek to dwell into and become lost in a never ending fantasy

a great-gasp-be-comes the only expression of gratitude like Fitzgerald when i see you.

I'm your Desdemona and you're my Othello and our love is a Shakespearean play.

We can get together and become potters of each others mind, sculpting like Rowling.

Because you told me that i am your Maya and you figured out why the caged bird sings..

in our emotional hunger game, I volunteered as tribute 

You rewrote our story and all of it's faults as my face turned green from the abundance of love sickness I was exposed to..

our hearts were an open book.

our journey to our own pursuit of happiness.

and unfortunately it might end with us going different directions,

but you'll always be my happy beginning to my even more delightful ending.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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