For Poe

Once there was a heart

that fell in love with a brain

Together they made art

but the brain would sometimes strain

to subdue its logical proclivities

and the heart would sit and cry

The heart cared only for emotional activities

While the brain preferred to ask why

The heart would listen to the brain's wonders

Beguiled by all that he thought

But the heart's feelings to the brain were blunders

When he began to ponder “why not?”

So he left the heart in command

to see if life would change

but eventually he could not stand

the reoccurring pain

When the heart would sink too deep

with feelings of passion aglow

then be ripped apart and begin to weep

laden with oceans of woe

He called for an end to the madness

and stepped back into control

and hoped for no more sadness

But only together was a body whole

So the brain and the heart became one

And learned to work together

and though there was often sun

there was sometimes a change in the weather.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Wesley Phipps

Wow, you are really talented, the relationship between the brain and the heart is so real, so infatuating

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