Plus One

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 02:47 -- KatieC


Hold tight.

I’m terribly lost.

Your eyes slay everything.

Too deep, dark, haunted, hunted.

Recharge this battery, just sit close.

You mounted my heart on the wall.

Nail me higher, I would never budge once.

From here I feel horns crescendo against skin.

Fanfares vibrate my fragile skeleton when you walk in.

Goosebumps ignite a shiver but the heater’s on full blast.

Never knew real winter until an empty hand blizzard struck fierce.

Somebody stop the timer’s pulse, I long for traction in our attraction.

Still the clocks are ticking, and we’re drinking up our chemistry by the gallon.

Magnets lurk behind our faces and we fight the pull so hard, but not tomorrow.

Something about the early sunlight never jades me, just reassures me: the chaotic world still tilts.

We’ll tilt the same when we finally whisper enough weighted words to fall like boulders into bliss.

The sun slowed abruptly and stepped aside for us to wander, you’d think that’d be enough but I’m leaving.

Pack your bags; I’m moving to my mind, you won’t have to take much because you’re already always there.

Go ahead and convince me that distance ends enchantment; arrows plunge miles from the cloudiest skies and bull’s-eye every time.

Magic never dies so neither will you, disregard myths about mortality and live more like a soul than a stagnant mammal.

If I could mute all the feedback that stings your cerebrum, would you finally feel free to linger endlessly in my direction?

Mark my inflection when I tell you miles are merely a social construction born to scare us far, far away from this misleading mountain.


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