Please Realize

It’s a struggle to keep lying to myself

It’s a struggle to realize that your friends don’t

It’s crazy how my world ends in darkness

That I can’t crawl out because no one sees


I slap on a mask that makes everyone not notice

They won’t notice the black hole in my heart

Nor do they realize what emotion rages inside me

No one sees! No one sees!


Lying has done me no good

I realize this but I can’t stop

If I feel like a burden to someone else

That will only make my problem worse


My heart is black just like the world I see

All my friends see color including when they look at me

They do not realize my sadness

They do not realize that I am dying


I look around and all I see are liers

I cannot conceive anything else

In my broken mind

All I see is death


My friends, please realize what has happened to me

My bright colorful life is a lie, but you cannot perceive is as so

No one truly watches and no one truly realizes what happens next

Please, next time my friends

Please realize

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Our world
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