A Played Out Love Song


I fear she'll come in my life and make her mark

And everything that was so bright will turn so dark
Crying every night having me pour out my heart
Reminding her about the love she don't feel no more from the very start
Man listen, this is how we met
I remember you frowning being so upset
And how I made you smile, a smile I can't forget
A smile I can't get back, because happiness is what u lack
In fact, I should let go, I can't force your emotions
When we were beautiful waterfalls but now rough oceans
And you walk out my life in such slow motion
Leaving every bruise on a surface that's rubbed with love potion
Can I remind you about the promises we made
Before you ignored my calls, and pushed yourself away
Before you put your heart in our talks instead of saying "K"
When you promised this is a love you forever want to stay
Placed in your heart that I use to hold the key 
And I use to hold your body, while u use to hold on me
And our souls became one never feeling more free
And now life is crazy when I can't hold you down like gravity holds down leaves
 don't you say that all men are the same
When I was right there, I'm only gone cuz you're the one to blame
By the way you held my hand and the next day just changed
And only painful memories is all that remains
And you messed with me knowing I was sprung
Over the past we had and the things we had done
You took advantage and didn't care because the song we had sung
Is played out, and you skip it everytime is comes on


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