Plastic Brains


This poem is an insight on the compromise of society's morals, and how we are rapidly discouraging the exploration of spirituality while encouraging materialism.


Plastic brains are statistic,

Our blackened factory is sadistic.

Shrouded spirits with holes for eyes,

TV's leading us to die.


I will not fall to evil temptation,

I have seen the illumination.

Horns in the mirror the reflections bleeding,

Trapped in themselves children are screaming.


Eternal fire burning us away,

A hard pale face spawning our decay.

Killing others with ruthless pride,

Take a breath before you die.


Riding wretched beast in the night,

Stealing life from our sight.

Dealing agony from the heart,

All your morals fall apart.


The proclamations are inane,

Twisted creatures go insane.

Every time you close your mind,

I can see the compromise.



Carlos Linares

I can dig it,one of the few poems on here I actually do. Though I feel if you approach another poem like this but add a more timeless vibe you'll truly create something breathtaking.


Thank you for your comment.  This is my first poem I have submitted to this site and I am very excited to read people's reactions.


My favorite part of this poem is that the reader is able to visualize the dark feelings I have concerning the worldly compromise of morality.

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