A Place of Learning and of Belonging


United States
39° 22' 22.4616" N, 94° 23' 14.4672" W

This house is full of the sort of warmth
that comes from good conversations
and good books.
A welcoming place that won’t change you,
but will help you change
if you want it.
The playwright, the aspiring chemist, the teacher
all eventually find their way to the
ever-open front door.
This is where I learned of the power and beauty of words,
and the power and beauty of the God
who gave them to us.
This is where I learned to appreciate the words
of famous men and of the people
sitting next to me.
This is where I learned to love language,
love humanity, love myself,
and love my God.
I write because it is the most important thing
anyone could do, and I write for these
people who taught me so.

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