The pink Flower

A single seed, unknowingly holding burden

She doesn't know anything

The hate she must determine

She's locked up in a world of imposters

a world full of monsters

This seed which was planted

This seed knew nothing


The seed grows into a young child

She learns how she should be

The world so beastly

But she doesn't learn who she is

Show grows among the twigs


She is alone

Her real self is never shown

She hides among herself

I must learn to Love myself

I am a Pink Flower

I give myself all the power

For I must rise

Nolonger under that past disguise


This Flower blooms in happiness and anger

But how can you blame her?

This flower was taught this by the world

She couldn't let her feelings unfurl

This is not the world we want

But this is how we live


This flower blooms, but is not pretty

This flower is ugly

This flower still grows with the hate of the world on her shoulders

She lets the Earth hold her

Although this flower is happy


This flower loves herself

after living in the shadow she is tired

This flower falls asleep while whole world still turns

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