Piece of mine

Who told you it was over ?
I'm in peace but can't stay sober
When we meet , you greet the makeover
How was the 300 day sleepover?
Not so glad you asked,
covered ass,burning trash
My peers was in class
While bullets were barely missing my ass
Now I can't do anything just for the sake of cash
Who told you it was finished
No reason why we should be in it
They more on the defensive end like Michael Bennett
We was encroachin' ,but they needed my potion
They said I was magic, i thought they were joking
Realized I was robbed of something far more potent
Who told you it was done?
Attached to a gun for so many months
Since then, haven't pulled a trigger once
If you looking for a vet to thank,
I'm not the one
Countless mornings rising before the sun
Fighting a battle that don't concern me
Now we in a war to live happily
Look what age old imperialism has done
Now before I finally quit
I want you to know my true feelings
Let my voice fill the crevices up to the ceiling
I do not agree with or stand by any of this shit

This poem is about: 
My country


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