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ode to my dearest foxy   she is old now her eyes are milky with the aftermath of the cataract apocalypse, the mushroom cloud of eye disease
Who told you it was over ? I'm in peace but can't stay sober When we meet , you greet the makeover How was the 300 day sleepover? Not so glad you asked, covered ass,burning trash My peers was in class
Love is holding someone tight, it is knowing someone cares. Love is living life, it is thinking of tomorrow and building today. Love is crying when your hurt, it is knowing that it will heal.
Red is the blood that has been bled White are the tears that have been shed Blue is the air and the seas through which our soldiers come home Golden are those troops with whom our hearts roam  
I used to be a weird little girl Who'd rather play with lizards than pearls. In the fifth grade I had an obsession with tigers Almost as strong as Napoleon with ligers.
For all of my lifeI have been told,"follow the crowd"and "fit the mold".But I am unique,you see.
The road, is going to be long, hard, and bumpy, but with help and support, I'll be there in a jiffy.  
 The one job that will change my life. That one and only job will be the one I have always dreamed of. Veterinarian Technology.
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