Picture of Newlyweds

I once saw a picture of a couplewho were as happy as can be. The white gown, alstroemerias, and uniform made them prettier than you and me. Their smiles were crimson like fruitwhich attracts all at the height of spring. What a joyful sight to just behold. I could almost hear the wedding bells ring. I have never seen so much happiness yet I was not even standing there when the handsome gentleman in uniform kissed the gorgeous maiden so rare. I once saw the lucky bridesitting beside the perfect illusion. Lines of age and dismay covered her face and this brought me great confusion. If love is forever, why not she? I saw the young god and goddess with my eyes. Nothing in this world could bring them down or is it all just a heap of lies? What truth is there in a photo when today there is only sorrow? Maybe I was blind when I saw her and she will be happier tomorrow. 

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