pick up your head

the life you live not always the life you want
crying your eyes out, wearing long sleeves, putting up a front
heart broken shattered into a million pieces
attacking ones self thinking your only releases
feeling so alone as you cry yourself to sleep
trying to heal but the wounds are too deep
the things you love causing you the most pain
feeling overflowed becoming unable to contain
everything you want just doesn't seem to work out
the game is too intense really needing a timeout
but there's none left and you're stuck in the situation
staying to yourself trying to avoid a confrontation
you have the words to say but you just can't speak
everytime they hurt you you turn the other cheek
but when I look at you I can tell that you're strong
a true friend one that would never do me wrong
so I'll be there for you to mend the heart that was left unfed
and continue to remind you to always pick up your head


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